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6 years of experience with Amazon system
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Since 2017, we have been a professional solution partner for many companies to start their Amazon careers.

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Ask Atakan Özdoğan, who has been selling at Amazon for 6 years, with all the questions that come to your mind with the appointment system. This way, you can simplify your sales process and use your time more efficiently.

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Let's Establish Your Company in America in 30 Days

In a rapidly globalizing world, establishing a company in the USA can be the key to reaching wider audiences and gaining prestige in the international market.

We Became an Official Service Provider on Amazon.​

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24 Hour Amazon Account Opening Guarantee

Open an account for the country you want on Amazon with Atakan Özdoğan, who has 6 years of experience. In this way, get rid of the danger of suspend.

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You can make an appointment for 30 or 60 minutes depending on the support you need during hourly meetings, and you can get support from Atakan Özdoğan.

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2017 yılından beri amazon sorunlarınıza çözüm üretiyoruz.

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